My Story


I have been delivering motivational and coaching programmes since 2007. Accustomed to delivering to a wide variety of audiences from disengaged teenagers to High Ranking Police Officers. The one constant with any training I deliver is my ability to engage with the participants.  I get you to take an active part, learn new skills and have fun in the process.


My passions centre on motivation, coaching and self-development. My sole purpose when delivering programs is to ensure that you leave with the belief that you can implement  new skills  that will make a positive impact on your life for a long time.



A World where you feel confident in your ability to live your fullest life.



To inspire and motivate people to have the faith and belief in themselves to become more than they thought possible. Creative, confident and bold in all that I do, I aim to provide a challenging, collaborate yet fun environment where people can thrive.



Growing up I had well-meaning important people in my World trying to help me “improve” but actually knocking my confidence in the process.


I remember my school teacher telling me my work was an absolute disgrace. My Headmaster telling me that I was fully aware of my shortcomings and that I was choosing to do nothing about them. Quite self-aware for an 11 year old!


Finally, my parents telling me that as the eldest I should know better when I didn’t quite hit the mark. I was 11 why should I have known!


These messages led to me creating a set of beliefs about myself that held me back and affected my confidence for over thirty years of my life. Nobody would have guessed it though as I hid it well through false confidence.


In 2007 I discovered coaching and my World changed. Since then I’ve helped hundreds of people like you create a more inspiring version of themselves so they can life their life on their terms.


This is my reason for being.


What’s your story?



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